For managers and workers


English is the main language of business, and this is a fact. However, mastering more languages in the professional field is an incentive to get a better position and conditions in our work.

That is why in this section you will learn about other language courses for companies that are also vital for good communication with clients, suppliers or wholesalers, beyond English for companies.

The importance of languages for companies

With learning new languages in the working world, everyone in the company is a winner. On the one hand, the top management as they see their company improving, being more competitive, taking the reins and being able to face any circumstance with a more solid base

And on the other hand, the workers, since they feel more and better valued, prepared and trained to face any type of communication with customers or suppliers, among others. That is why languages for companies are becoming more important every day and we cannot be left behind

In addition, languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian,  Chinese or even Russian are booming in certain sectors. For example, French is spoken in 30 countries on 5 continents and is in demand by almost 8% of companies. In sectors such as hotels, pharmacy, health or production it is in great demand


Something similar occurs with German, although it is not spoken in as many countries. However, it is considered the strongest language in Europe and 7.4% of companies apply for it as a requirement for joining companies in sectors such as the hotel and catering, finance or sales and marketing

Spanish, on the other hand, is the official language in 21 countries with 480 millions of native speakers and 577 millions  of speakers all over the world, gaining more and more ground.

It’s also happens with Italian, since being one of the languages of the European Union guarantees the opening of many doors to certain companies


Therefore, don’t wait any longer and get to know our language courses for companies. Prepare your employees to be the best leaders in the future – contact us for more information!